Happy Halloween with The Lost Ones!


I love a spooky read when it also has a gorgeous cover! When I saw this book around, it definitely attracted my attention and couldn’t resist. It has a beautiful design with copper details, and it will take its precious place in my library 🙂

14937CC7-D207-4099-899A-E1BB9C951F15 Also, the headline on the blurb says: “Some houses are never at peace” , which makes you go :’What, why??? what happened in the house?”

So, the story is: It’s 1917 and  Stella Marcham’s fiancé dies in the war. She’s not in good shape, being in grief. Her sister Madeline is pregnant and also struggling, so her husband Hector asks Stella to stay with them in Greyswick for a while. Her maid, Annie also goes with her. As you can imagine, after they arrive there, strange things start to happen in the house, so it’s a mystery why are these things are happening? What’s the secret?

This was a great supernatural, spooky, creepy read, perfect for Halloween! I liked the engaging writing. There were many characters with secrets, so it was a rich story rather than one dimensional.

The characters were unlikeable, very prominent and interesting, which made this book a page turner.
I would definitely recommend this and will be looking forward to Anita Frank’s next book. It was a very good debut that I was happy to discover 🙂

If you want Halloween . entertainment, this is a great choice.

Thanks so much to HQ Stories for this gifted copy! And here’s a bunch of great bookish people you could visit today to see what they thought about this book.


Happy Halloween!


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