A 5 star novel for 5 senses: The Offing


‘After all, there are only a few things truly worth fighting for: freedom, of course, and all that it brings with it. Poetry, perhaps, and a good glass of wine. A nice meal. Nature. Love, if you’re lucky.’

I love this quote and many others from the book 🙂 Benjamin Myers is a favourite author and I was eagerly waiting for his new book The Offing. I’m pleased to say it was such pleasure to read this book. Also, may I please show the amazing design of the end pages…


This book is a definite 5 star read and I enjoyed my time massively.

Robert Appleyard is 16 and the son of a coal miner. He leaves his Durham village one summer after Second World War, and ends up in an old smuggling village, Robin Hood’s Bay. Here, he meets Dulcie. And an unusual friendship begins between this eccentric, older woman and a young man. He stays with her and a new life starts for him that involves lots of swimming, poetry, sea-food, and so on. As they spend he summer together, we see how their unexpected friendship with change their future.

The story is told from Robert’s perspective. He’s now old, and looks back to this summer. All he wanted is to experience a different world, taste freedom and see a different life before he goes back to his fate and take responsibilities. Dulcie introduces him to many different aspects of life, like poetry, literature, art, fine cooking, broader thinking, etc.

This is a slow burner plot as you can imagine, because the joy is in the language, the nature descriptions, the dialogue between Dulcie and Robert. I LOVE Dulcie type of characters, who are wise, experienced in life and ready to tell you their stories. Myers created one perfectly and I enjoyed her a lot. She tries to inspire Robert and reading about it was wonderful.

I read The Offing slowly, devouring every sentence that was lush and sensual. This novel talks to your 5 senses with all the descriptions of food, sea, nature. It was truly an amazing experience, full of joy and hope.

Without giving away much more, I really recommend this book if you love reading about interesting characters, nature descriptions, friendships and love in different forms. It’s out already, so you can read immediately 🙂

So, that’s it for today. I hope it was useful and as usual, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks so much for stopping by and happy reading!



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