Book Giveaway alert! From Bean To Bar


Hi friends! Today, I’m happy to announce another giveaway I’m hosting on my Twitter. The Bean Bar, A Chocolate Lover’s Guide To Britain by Andrew Baker is a beautiful non-fiction book for chocolate lovers.

This book is a celebration of chocolate-making, designed to locate and bring to a wider audience the fascinating people making good chocolate in the right way. Arranged geographically in a dozen regional chapters, each one is centered on a local hero but also casts light on other chocolatiers and bean-to-bar makers in their area.

It’s very entertaining, informative & interesting. So, if you’re a chocolate & book lover like me, join in the giveaway!

To enter, simply Follow me on Twitter and RT this tweet below. It’s open INTL, I’ll give away 2 copies, ends 20th of August 2019.

I wish you all good luck 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting, and happy reading!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Midas PR, so thanks a lot to them. They will send the books to the winner and the personal details will be deleted from their and my record afterwards. 



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