Sshhhh, The Rumour is out! Don’t tell anyone ;)


Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and now we’re counting down the days to say hello to 2019. I’m so excited for a year full of amazing books coming out. And today I wanted to share with you my review for a good one that’s not published.

The Rumour has the vibes of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies. Of course it’s different with its idea completely. However, it reminded me the vibes of school mums, their twisted relationships, neighbourhood gossips and all.

Joanna, our lead character, is a single mum. She hears a rumour at the school, she passes it on with no intension of making it a big deal, but one thing leads to another…

The rumour is that there’s a child killer living in the neighbourhood under a new identity protected by the government. The killer was only 10 years old when she did it, and nobody can identify her as there are no photos of her from 48 years ago, when it happened. So, who’s this woman living under their nose? Are they safe in the community?

Before all, let me tell you something: OMG, that twist in the end! I didn’t see it coming, and it was the best thing about the book. through the end, it got more and more intense and I loved the ending. It was unexpected, emotional and very satisfying.

I also thought the idea behind was very good, creative. It has a relatively slow start, but it’s a mystery that unravels itself slowly like a puzzle. And, I like this format.
Kara is very good at keeping you on your toes until the last reveal. I must say it again, the end was glorious.

This book is a debut, and I thought it was a very solid debut. I’d definitely read from this author again and recommend it. If you like mysteries, it’s a very good one.

Thanks a lot to Transworld Publishers for an ARC of this book, opinions are my own.

And thanks to you for stopping by! Let me know if you read this or planning to πŸ™‚

Happy reading!



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