Cover Reveal: The Doll Factory


This may be one of the most beautiful covers of 2019! Just looking at it makes me happy and want to read the book.

The Doll Factory is a debut novel of Elizabeth Macneal, set in London in 1850/51. It tells the story of Iris and Silas. Iris is an apprentice doll-maker who dreams of being a painter. Silas is a curiosity collector enchanted by the strange and beautiful, with ambitions of founding a museum dedicated to his macabre obsessions.

I’m pretty obsessed with this video as well:

It has lots of endorsers like Paula Hawkins, Sophie Mackintosh, Andrew Taylor!

Being a fan of atmospheric, historical settings, it looks like it’s going to be a great ride. I just can’t wait to read it, and very lucky to an equally gorgeous ARC, thanks to #Picador 🙂

The Doll Factory is out on 2nd of May, just mark your calendars and wait 😉

Thanks a lot for stopping by and let me know if you have any exciting releases you’re already anticipating for 2019. Happy reading everyone!




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