Wiggly Bookworms Breakfast Book Club

Little Fires Everywhere brought fires to our Book Club meeting 🙂

Excuse My Reading

From my age of 26 I always had a book club I regularly attend, if you don’t count the short gaps whilst I moved between countries and cities. In the UK I have had 2 book clubs, both English speaking, and enjoyed them, still enjoying one!

But what I craved was my mother tongue, to discuss the books in Turkish as I can never express myself in English as well as I do in Turkish (sad times)

So Umut and I decided to set up a Turkish book club 🙂 We invited a few book loving friends and there you go.. We’re all coming from different places. London, Brighton, Kent, Cambridge. So Central London was ideal for everyone. The long journey from Cambridge worth it. Our Wiggly Bookworms Breakfast Bookclub was such a success!

img_20180930_104255539358794.jpg Eggs Royale and Little Fires Everywhere. I feel like a Shaker Heights resident- phew!

First pick…

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3 thoughts on “Wiggly Bookworms Breakfast Book Club

  1. So great! I always wanted to be a part of a book club but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not sure there’s anybody here who reads in English regularly and enjoys it enough to discuss a book. But I’m very happy I have my blog now and I met you and others great bloggers so I do feel I belong to a community now, so I’m happy. What about this book? I saw it but was suspicious.

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    1. I hope one day you fond yours 🙂 but you’re right, we have a lovely community here as well connecting us over something we love ❤️ we were suspicious about this book for over a year, and so glad we picked up. All of us loved it and so much to think and discuss. Our group rating was 4.6 stars over 5 😉 I do have a separate review on this on my blog too, past times 😉 if you want to check out. Hugs


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