Bookish goodies I love :)


Hi friends! As book lovers, not only we love books, but anything related to books 🙂 Lately, I realised I was using lots of book-ish products, and I said why not share the love with others? So, let’s start with a recent favourite:

My new audio book tool: Sudio Earphones

Believe me I tried a lot of earphones, as it’s one of my most used items during the day. I’m an Audible addict, commuter, walker, so I NEED my earphones in my bag please! London is a busy city, so there’s a lot of noise around, and I was complaining I couldn’t find earphones good enough to block the noise, and give me still a good listening experience.  Sudio reached out to me asking if I wanted to try these, and now I have a new favourite! It’s small, VERY PRETTY 😉 but powerful. It’s very good at blocking the noise. I can listen to my books in the tube (if you commute in tube, you know the massive sound of the trains), outside walking, etc. It doesn’t TANGLE, thank you very much! This little mirror looking, chic compact box is their battery at the same time. So, when you place them inside, it’s charging. I carry a little bag, so it’s as light as nothing. I really love them, so I wanted to share with you, as I was desperate looking few weeks ago, and might be useful for someone like me 🙂 BONUS, the company generously offered a discount code as I loved them. You can use this code, if you want to buy: UMUTRADOS15 for a 15% on the website.

Here is the link to the website, the code is relevant for all products. Also, here is the link to what I’m using.

Lovely book mugs:  

I wanted a cute mug with a book concept. I did a lot of research to find the cutest, for like several weeks, LOL! When I saw this pink mug in a shop in Etsy, I said ‘that’s it’! Made for me, I love my books, coffee and my cat! I loved the design and colours, so I ordered. I met one of the loveliest and most caring business owners, Judy, the owner of the shop. She send the package wrapped so beautifully.


She writes a message, and she’s very attentive and informative on every step. I like actually all designs, and not all of them are about books, there are many concepts. You should definitely check them out. Here is the link to the shop.





Protective Book Sleeve: 

8AE4D03D-A852-47B2-93FE-36B9F1ED6C1EI wanted a sleeve to carry my paperbacks with me, and even protect them at home in case something drops on the books. Again, I did my research, and I found this shop on Etsy. There are a lot of similar offers, but these caught my eye because of the eye-glass pocket 🙂 Yes, it may sound funny, but I need to read with my glasses and keeping my book and glasses together like this looked very practical to me. Also the sleeve has a closure, so my book doesn’t slip out in my bag. Therefore, I chose this one. Owner, Bee, is also very nice and attentive. Very happy with the sleeve and service. Hence, sharing here with you. And here is the link to the shop.


Book Subscription Box: 


 I know Books, is a book subscription service that targets a certain group of readers: The ones who don’t know what to read, or people who likes to be surprised with a book they didn’t think of 🙂 I just tried their services. I can’t define myself as someone who don’t know what to read, but I might like a surprise from time to time.



They ask you to complete a survey before completing the purchase, so they can adjust the book according to your choices. I can say the survey is very detailed, I don’t know if any other services provide a detailed analysis of a reader before choosing a book for them. They offer New Books, Used Books and Kids books. I thought it was nice to include used books with a more affordable price. The box also comes with some information about the author ready for you. And this was my pick after the survey, which was an achievement to be honest.


So, this is all for now. I shared my latest favourites and what I tried. A little disclaimer, this post is not sponsored by any of the companies I wrote about and all opinions are my own.

If you have any recommendations of any bookish goodies, I’d love to know! Please do share in the comments 🙂
Thanks a lot for stopping by, and happy reading!



12 thoughts on “Bookish goodies I love :)

  1. I’ve got a question about earphones. Do no earphones drop out of your ears? Asking because most of earphones drop out of my ears so I can’t usually buy blindly online. This I Know Books idea is really cool. Although I can bet they don’t deliver to Montenegro 🙂 Hardly anyone does.

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    1. They didn’t pop out of mine. Seems like a problem for some people. But, it came with 3 sizes of white parts for different size ears I guess. Maybe you can ask about he return policy if you want to try? Or they have other headphones. Hmm I’m not sure about the delivery of the box, again, best to ask. I know they trade in Europe. Thanks a lot for stopping by Alexandra!

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