#BookBloggerLife : 5 Non-Literary Things that effect my book ratings

My thought exactly on reviewing my books!

Excuse My Reading

I’ve been bumping into my old reviews on Goodreads and I sometimes find myself too generous or too harsh in a past review. Most of the time I change it, a push down or a bump up.

This made me think about what sort of things effect me when I write a review or rate a book, so I decided to give it a go to sum them up!

1 – The Book Before … The “Ex”

Reading a book is a lot like having a relationship. So when I welcome a book in my  hands I unintentionally and subconsciously judge and compare it to the books I’ve read before it.


I can’t get over the last book I read if it was terrible or fabulous.  If I read a really good one, the next one will be judged harder! If I read too many books I didn’t enjoy in…

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