WWW Wednesday – 4 April 2018

WWW WednesdaysHi there friends! Another Wednesday is here, so here I am again joining this fun meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.  To participate, just answer the following three questions. Or you can write your answers on comments as well if you don’t have a blog:

1. What did you read last?

I read the very anticipated sequel to Caraval, Legendary by Stephanie Garber, and I LOVED it. 5 stars! If you want to see my review, here is the link.  Caraval lovers won’t be disappointed I’m sure 🙂

2. What are you currently reading?

I’m juggling a few books at the same time. You will see the Goodreads synopsis if you click on the titles. One is The Toymakers from Robert Dinsdale. It’s a first attempt stepping into magic from him. I’m 60 pages in yet, but so far I’m liking it. And may I just say GORGEOUS cover 😉


Another book I’m reading is The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. It’s the second book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I know, don’t roll your eyes 🙂 I’m late reading this, but better late than never 🙂  I’m enjoying it a lot although it’s children’s fiction. It’s fun and addictive. And Audible artist is amazing! I would definitely recommend it.

I’m also finally starting The Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. The new book is coming in May, so I’m under time pressure now! I hope it’s as good as they say, regardless I’m excited to finally check it out myself 🙂

3. What will you read next?

I also want to start Red Queen and Spellslinger series as the sequels of both are coming in May again. Let’s see if I will have time this week, if not hopefully next.

So, this is my recent reading activity, I would love to hear from you! What are you reading? What did you read and liked? Plans for the week, etc.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and happy reading!


8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – 4 April 2018

  1. HAHA, no shame in reading Percy Jackson! Rick Riordan is a very talented writer 😀
    Also, hope you enjoy Red Queen – I’m so excited for the final book (coming out this month or next month… I’m blanking)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot! I did follow back, same for yours 🙂 I’m really curious about Maas, there’s so much fuss, lol!! I like Garber’s imagination. I finished Caraval and really curious about her next idea already. Happy reading!


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