#MiniReviewMonday : Mini Reviews


Hello friends! It’s another Monday and I hope you had a great weekend with lots of great books 🙂 Today I’m joining my blogger friend Ova’s fun meme: Mini Review Mondays. She has a great idea of bundling together reviews of some books she read, as it’s hard to write detailed reviews for every single book we read. I couldn’t agree more! She has a great blog, so I’ll link back there for you to check that out as well. Click here to head to her blog.

I am in a reading slump lately. Unfortunately the last few books were not for me, and when they are in a row, it becomes harder to go back to my pace again.

I DNF-ed the last 3 books I attempted to read, but I still find it useful to explain here a little why I didn’t like them. So, here is my mini review bundle are the 3 books I couldn’t finish (For full blurb, the Goodreads link is on the title of the book):

Red Clocks by Leni Zumas: My thoughts of this book may be unconventional, as it’s a book that’35099035s quite liked, and it was expected to make the long list for Women’s Prize For Fiction. It was announced last week, and eventually it’s not on the list. I really liked the premise of this book. We’re in a world in which the president of the US makes abortion and IVF illegal. With this decision, we follow 5 different women going through their stories to see how this law affects their life. As I said, the premise was really interesting. However, Zumas didn’t build the characters in depth. Also, she didn’t follow a smooth story line. She wrote in a different style, which feels very choppy. We jump from woman to woman to go through their stories, but chapters are very small, so I couldn’t invest myself in any of these stories, and I couldn’t feel for any of them. So, after a point, it became irrelevant to continue, and I DNF ed this one. Probably not my cup of tea, but some people love it. Goodreads rating is 3.78



To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo: I really wanted to LOVE this book so much! I was so disappointed when I realised I can’t continue. It was one of my most anticipated releases of 2018. It’s a retelling of Little Mermaid. I was ready for a whimsical ride in the ocean. This book failed for me on 2 bases. First, I couldn’t care for the characters. Especially the pirate prince. He was not smart, and didn’t stand out as a strong character. Second, the story didn’t flow well. There were too many unnecessary dialogues with side characters, which didn’t have any significance. The plot is not an original one, but it could be lyrical and impressive if it was executed well. In this case, I didn’t think Christo achieved it. Goodreads rating is 4.21.




Our House by Louise Candlish: This is one of the anticipated psychological thrillers, that’s coming out in August. I was lucky to have an ARC from NetGalley. It’s on the side of a slow moving thriller. There were problems both in writing and the plot. The book dragged on and on, too many unnecessary conversations, information, etc. It needed a good editing, and a big chop. It’s too many pages compared to the actual content of the plot. If the book was way shorter, it could have a much better pace, and it would make it more interesting. I also found the story behind this mystery quite ordinary, not imaginative. I kept looking for more, but it really was all there is. I found it simplistic, and not a good woven thriller mystery.

So, these is my recent DNF pile with their mini reviews. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!



11 thoughts on “#MiniReviewMonday : Mini Reviews

  1. Oh no, reading slumps suck. I’ve been there last year a few times and I know how annoying that could be. Hope yours will be over in no time!
    To Kill a Kingdom was a big let down for me as well. I did finish it but it was a struggle at times. 😦

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    1. Thanks a lot Vera! Yes, I’m trying to get out of it with some thrillers, and hope it will be over soon 🙂 I’m glad you felt the same with To Kill A Kingdom. I was in between continuing and stopping, but I was at 30%, one third of the book nearly and decided there are too many books on my TBR, better move on to something I would really like. hearing you, I’m happy now 🙂 Thanks a lot for stopping by my friend, I appreciate it 🙂 Take care!

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      1. I hear you, sometimes it’s much better to say ‘not for more’ and move on then to suffer throughout a book. I’m learning to DNF more books these days. 🙂
        Thrillers are a good way, fingers crossed you’ll find a great one you’ll enjoy.

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  2. There are so many books to read. I can’t spare time for the ones that don’t keep me interested or are badly written. I don’t hesitate to toss books aside, although it took me years to learn to judge decisively. Good for you, both for tossing them and for sharing your opinion with us. Thanks for that!

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    1. Thanks so much Deb! It’s always a bit of a hesitation to DNF and write about a popular book, but I really appreciate diversity and honest opinions. So, here we go 🙂 I’m on the same page exactly, so many books, so little time, that I can’t spare it on some books that aren’t for me. Thanks a lot for visiting!


  3. Reblogged this on Excuse My Reading and commented:
    I only have one book to review this Monday so I’ll wait for next monday to write the Mini Reviews! But in the meantime, I enjoyed reading Umut’s Mini Reviews here so want to share this 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous reading week!

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  4. Aww, I’m sorry to hear you had to DNF so many books! It sucks to have to throw away whatever effort you did put in, but I’m sure that when you find the one that sticks, it’ll be all the more liberating. (It usually is for me 😉 ) Great reviews, and I hope you overcome your reading slump!

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